Hello World

I am Deon,
a developer
& business
enthusiast based
on mars.


A designer, developer, filmmaker, and awkward dancer. He has over a year of experience in the creative industry, producing exciting experiences for brands. When he isn't busy educating people on the difference between fonts and typefaces, he can be found taking part in competitive snoozing competitions across the world.



  • Software Development
  • Technology
  • Business
  • Prototyping
  • UI Design
  • Camera & Editing


YouTube & Instagram


Nov 2020 - Present

A year ago, I decided to create content on software development. I began with filming videos for YouTube and then for Instagram. After a couple of months, I decided to make another Instagram page to film videos on business and finance.


Full-Stack Developer

August 2016 - Nov 2020

I taught myself to code when in school. Initially, I loved building websites, but I soon discovered that Back-end development was my cup of coffee. So, I learned Python three years ago. Alongside, I also brewed a couple of other languages and frameworks.

video essays

Business & Finance


April 2021

I create video essays on business, finance, marketing, blockchain, and more. The video essays are of 60 seconds. These give you a quick dose of knowledge on how companies and the wealthy think and function. Alongside, I also post business articles.

Software Development


Nov 2020

I film developer guides, product reviews, projects, free programming courses, and much more. Here you will find detailed tutorials on software development. Apart from filming videos for YouTube, I also upload bite-sized development content on Instagram.


Wear from my dad's wardrobe. His premium quality merchandise is shipped worldwide.

Author image Rounak @oyerounak

I am really learning so much from your YouTube channel. Source: Instagram.

Author image CyperN077 YouTube

A very good tutorial to get someone familiar with python. You did a good job. Source: YouTube.

Author image Muj Design Engineer

Love the detailed layout you put into your posts. Source: Instagram.

Author image Alpha YouTube

This is the definition of a high-quality review. Source: YouTube.

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